Thursday, 23 June 2016

Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2016

Creativity flows in the blood of designers. In the rapidly evolving world, they are trying to push the boundaries to plunge forth their competitors and emerge out as the finest ones. There is no limit to the possibilities that can be reached by pushing the boundaries of human interaction and imagination on a global scale. The hordes of creative web design companies that you can easily find on the internet will offer you a good glance into the innovative and uniquely presented web layouts.

The year 2015 brings a whole array of changes to how the websites used to look back in time. In this article, we will be sharing the top 5 web design trends that have taken the user experience by storm this year. Read carefully because all this can be implemented on your website as well which will result in better user interaction and hence good quality traffic.

1) Big Layout Designs

It is the most common and the most viral trend of 2015. All the designers are keen on making full-page sliders for the homepage with minimal to no navigation menu. The idea is to capture the entire screen of the user with an image or a set of images that can float and animate to make them even more appealing.

2) Long Scrolling Single Page Designs
This trend began with the rise in smartphone usage. The smartphone users usually don’t like to click on those mini navigational links. A single page design suits them the most where they can get all the necessary and useful information about the website by merely scrolling down the page.

Website: Leaf Wearables

3) High Performance and Speed
There can be myriad different ways to achieve that. Designers and developers are working hard to make the websites load up in the least possible timeframe. Not everybody owns a high-speed connection and especially the mobile user benefit largely through this trend.

4) The Multimedia Integration
It is not an upcoming trend. It has been around for ages now, but that has not stopped the designers and developers to evolve the techniques and enhance the user engagement. The introduction of HTML5 <canvas> element has opened new doors for the designers to explore as all the multimedia integration was done through flash back in the days.

5) Sticky Menus
We all are familiar with the sticky menus. These menu bars stick to the top or the edge of the screen and stays there even when you hit the bottom of the website while scrolling. You can find the sticky headers/menus on almost every one-page sites these days. It offers the users a convenient way to navigate all through the important content on your website.

Website: JM Baxi Group

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